Jewelry storage options to protect your favourite gold and silver pieces.

Jewelry storage options to protect your favourite gold and silver pieces.

As you build a collection of your favourite gold and silver jewelry you will need to choose the right vessel to store them in. Choosing can be difficult as there are many beautiful jewelry storage solutions out there.

You may need more than one type as different storage designs will meet different needs. For example you might want to use an open vessel for jewelry you use everyday so that you have easy access to them. On the other hand a jewelry box would be more suitable for pieces you don’t wear daily as it would protect your gold and silver jewelry from dust and dirt. 

Jewelry box


This beautiful jewelry box from West Elm has a white lacquer finish that will easily match any interior. It's got a compartment for every type of jewelry.

It's perfect if you own a lot of jewelry that you're trying to keep organized. The compartments will prevent them from being tangled and scratched.

If you prefer a different color have a look at their website for other options.



This jewelry storage tower from CB2 has a chic and modern design that will showcase your jewelry like pieces of art with it’s marble frame and acrylic drawers. It will allow your favourite gold and silver jewelry to be seen while still protecting them from dust and dirt.


Jewelry trays


CB2 has many options for jewelry storage. This one has a unique design for a jewelry tray. It is a jewelry tray and stand all in one. It's got a minimalist design yet very functional.

The mini shelves provide plenty of space for your daily jewelry and more. The attached stand is also a great touch for your necklaces.



If you have a selected few for everyday jewelry pieces and you need something basic and small, here is a modern jewelry tray for you.

The new Kuru collection from international designer Philip Malouin features distinct, sculptural pieces that provide highly functional storage solutions to declutter any interior. Now one can organize and display personal belongings in a way that brings simplicity, calm and tranquility to any interior. Kuru pieces showcase clean, geometric designs that work harmoniously with other objects or look striking on their own. The pressed glass Kuru interior bowl is perfect for organizing and displaying everyday items like keys, earpods, coins and jewelry.The mossy green hue makes this Kuru bowl feel nostalgic yet fresh. A stylish open storage solution that fits any interior.”


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