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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am the founder of Link & Chain Jewelry. 

My company was born after years of influence from my mom, who’s been a jeweler all of her adult life. Working for her when I was young gave me the exposure that eventually led to an appreciation for the business and the products. 

For years I contemplated following in her footsteps but I wasn’t sure what type of jewelry I wanted to sell, until over a year ago when I realized I have a real adornment for gold and silver jewelry of classic styles. Pieces that are just simple, pretty, cute, that adds a little extra to an outfit, may it be for day or night. Perhaps some pieces will remind you of designs your parents, or aunties wore back in the day but now shining a new light on them in the modern time.

My mission is to showcase products that you will value and appreciate for years to come and to provide an inventory that is relatable to different generations with varying personal styles. 

More about me: I just enjoy things of beauty! May it be nature, people, or experiences. 

I love a good laugh, having a banter with my kids, shop hopping with a friend to look at old things, and enjoying some dessert with tea after dinner.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and I hope you visit again soon!  

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